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Moodle at Southwestern

Moodle is Southwestern's Learning and Content Management System and is available to any Southwestern faculty, student and staff member to use for course sites and for sites where the features of Moodle provide great learning, teaching and research experiences.

1001 E. University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626
(512) 863-6511

Academic Mall

  • Students:

    Please note that WebAdvisor is the official source for your enrolled courses.

    Information about course textbooks and other materials may be found at:

    Southwestern University Bookstore

    Spring 2014 Semester

    If - after signing into Moodle - you are not seeing your enrolled classes listed for this current semester, check to the left of the heading Spring 2014. If you see a plus + sign, click on that and you'll see your courses listed. The + sign will change to a - sign and clicking on the - sign will collapse the list.

    When adding or dropping a course, please make sure to process the change with the Registrar's office first so the change can then be processed by Moodle. The rosters for the Moodle courses are refreshed each day at 3:00am. The refresh process handles adds and drops of your courses submitted and processed by the Registrar during the previous 24 hours. If you are not seeing a course you are enrolled in, please contact the professor who can add you to the class' Moodle site. If you are still having troubles accessing your classes in Moodle, please send an email from your Southwestern email address to and include the course and section number(s) of the class(es) that are not listed.

    Faculty and Staff:

    Each semester, the academic classes are "loaded" into Moodle about mid-way during the previous semester and students are added to the Moodle class sites shortly before classes start. When each of these events occurs, emails are sent to the faculty notifying of these actions.

    Moodle FAQs [How To Do Something in Moodle]

    Enhancements Added to Moodle [modules/plug-ins]

    Themes for Your Moodle Sites

    Moodle Documentation

    Moodle at Southwestern is used for many types of sites beyond academic courses. Projects, departments, organizations, events and others use Moodle to manage their content with groups of people where authentication to access the content is needed. If you are interested in using Moodle beyond an academic course or to supplement a class, please contact Melanie Hoag at

  • Moodle Workshops
    Hands-on workshops for those new to Moodle and for other features of Moodle are offered throughout the year typically the week or two before a semester's first day of class. Information about the Moodle workshops with dates and times will be sent through email to the Southwestern community and posted in Campus Notices.

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